Emergency Response Unit

Crisscross Funding maintains a team of dedicated trauma counselors ready to deploy immediately to any disaster zone, war zone, or emergency situation around the globe.

Trauma Counseling

Our team of trauma counselors work in some of the most challenging places on earth, with lives that have been ravaged by war or natural disaster. Our team is mobilized to be there when disaster strikes or where conflict necessitates our efforts.

Volunteer Initiatives

The Noble role that a volunteer plays within the world of charity and non profit, no one can begin to fathom, the lives that a person who is motivated by love alone can touch, no one can count. We value Volunteers! We work with and train those willing to give their lives for others.

Education and Seminars

Throughout the years the founders of CCF have been involved with setting up educational projects in Liberia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Poland and many other countries where infrastructures have been destroyed throughout the years of conflict.

Charity Development

Crisscross Funding charity development program incubates charity startups providing mentorship, cash injections and training.

Each of our full time staff members have clocked a minimum of 5-8 years of full time volunteer work in some of the most troubled situations, war zones and disaster zones around the globe.

This puts us in a unique position to apply experience and knowledge to new charity startups focusing on trauma counseling, education, land and sea conservation, and other awareness raising strategies.

Volunteer Grants & Endorsments

Through experiencing first hand the challenges of organizing & spearheading charity projects throughout Africa, Europe and the Americas the founders of Crisscross Funding have gained a unique understanding of how to administer funding in order to be successful in charity ventures and projects.

Crisscross Funding “Volunteer Grants & Endorsements” program provides sponsorship for charity volunteers who work independently or within effective charity organizations.

Message from the Director

We at Crisscross Funding are so thankful for all those that know about our work and are committed to help make a differnce.

Our team is very excited about the new projects that we are incubating.

Projects dedicated to innovate the charity world.

Each of you are so very important to us, we honestly could not do our work of helping others without you.


Director of Crisscross Funding